Building *Resiliency*

Resiliency is highly correlated with better outcomes in school and life. Within Intellispark, resiliency provides a framework for identifying and supporting students who may need additional support, even before they show any outward signs of struggle. Intellispark offers a comprehensive, research-based assessment of resiliency for students in grades 3-12 developed by Boston University Professor V. Scott Solberg. Known as ScholarCentric by Intellispark, this assessment uses student input to measure six skills – valuing education, health and well-being, connectedness, academic confidence, stress management, and intrinsic motivation. Importantly, these skills can be learned, so gaps can be addressed – leading to improved attendance, behavior, credit attainment, and graduation rates. For middle and high school students, the assessment provides a predictive score known as the Academic Risk Index® that makes it easy to see which students are most likely to need additional support.

Thousands of educators are getting better outcomes for kids with Intellispark.

Collaborate Securely with Intellispark Pro

Intellispark Pro is designed for secure, FERPA- and HIPAA-compliant use in a school setting. It supports integration with your student information system via Clever, ClassLink, OneRoster, and Ed-Fi, and it allows single sign-on using Clever, ClassLink, and Google. Communications are encrypted for privacy and security, and they’re linked automatically to students and educators in your school so your conversations are searchable and easily organized – ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Intellispark Pro provides multiple levels of access so you can be confident that the right members of your team have access to the right information at the right time and at the right level of detail.

Buzz Features: Extensible, Secure, and Tailored for Schools

Extensible Apps

Buzz integrates easy-to-use apps that leverage secure messaging to streamline routine tasks like attendance and emergency check-ins.

Designed for Education

Uniquely crafted for schools, Buzz focuses on student data privacy and specific educational use cases.

Key Features: Extensible, Secure, and Tailored for Schools

Student Hub

Student Hub combines actionable insights from your student information system and other school databases with indicators and conversations available only in Intellispark to help you know the name, face, and story of every student.


Quick, timely communication can solve problems that may otherwise escalate into serious issues, but traditional tools such as e-mail, spreadsheets, and communication logs in many student information systems are slow and inefficient. Buzz, a feature of Intellispark Pro, sets a new standard for easy, team-based communications.


ScholarCentric by Intellispark is an evidence-based assessment of resiliency developed by Professor V. Scott Solberg of Boston University. With age-appropriate versions for students in grades 3-12, ScholarCentric reliably predicts student success and helps to identify effective interventions to help students thrive.

Tools to Empower Your Students' Success

At the heart of any successful educational environment are streamlined processes and tools that prioritize students' needs. With Buzz, we've developed a suite of features that seamlessly blend into the daily routine of your school, enhancing efficiency without compromising security or usability.

Implementing and Using Intellispark: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover how to get started with Intellispark. From initial setup to daily use, we'll guide you every step of the way.

Step 1:

Setup and Configuration

Learn how to easily set up Buzz for your school or district.

Step 2:

Training and Onboarding

Get your staff up to speed with comprehensive training and onboarding resources.

Step 3:

Daily Use and Best Practices

Discover tips and best practices for maximizing the benefits of Buzz in your daily operations.

Here's what our community is saying

Intellispark allows us to do "the real stuff." ... I can just put information into Intellispark and everybody [who should see it] sees it instantaneously.

Christina M.

Principal, New York

High 5s are great for parent relations.  I recently got a surprise phone call from a parent telling me how much she appreciated getting good news from the school.

Anna D.

Director of Counseling, South Carolina

Before Intellispark, we just had numbers. Now the whole team knows every student’s story.

Emily C.

Assistant Superintendent, Missouri

Teachers saw very early on that Intellispark actually reduced their workload.

Shelby G.

Assistant Principal, West Virginia

Intellispark helped me get through to kids who had been shutting me out before.

Dave E.

Counselor, Minnesota

It has been transformative for me as a clinician and staff member: it doesn't just save time, but it helps with role clarity.

Allee F.

Social Worker, West Virginia