About Us

We are passionate about helping every student succeed. Our team includes former educators and educational technology specialists who have spent decades working with tens of thousands of administrators, teachers, and clinicians to develop innovative solutions to some of education's most pressing issues.

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Our Story

Every child deserves to know what it feels like when an entire community of adults and peers has her back. We founded Intellispark to bring that feeling to students around the country with innovative technology that connects administrators, teachers, clinicians, families, and students to address challenges and opportunities in real-time. Intellispark makes communication easier and keeps everyone in the loop so it's easier to keep every student on a path to success.

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Meeting the needs of today’s students requires a more modern technology backbone.

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Our motivation

Concerns about student well-being and mental health are surging, while academic performance is lagging. Responding effectively to this challenge requires new ways of working that make it easier to get more done in less time. That’s why we created Intellispark.

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Why Intellispark?

Whether struggling or thriving, every student benefits when teachers, administrators, clinicians, families, and students are in the loop and can address issues in real-time. Intellispark provides an innovative technology platform, built around real-time messaging, that helps your team solve problems before they become crises – leaving more capacity to tackle major issues when they do occur.

Success Stories

Intellispark is a transformational platform, enhancing student well-being and driving academic performance. Read more about the impact Intellispark is having in school communities across the country.

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